200 Years, Anniversary Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)

haydnmania: the 2009 anniversary


On this sites I watch the activities around the Haydn-Anniversary-Year 2009 and make notes about Joseph Haydn – the man, the composer, the “popstar” of his age. This all in a very sujective way!


1. Cause I’m living in “Haydn-land” and you can’t live here without getting any Haydn-influences.

2. I love his music, “basta”!

3. Creative people with intelligence and humour have a great appeal to me – and I love Haydn’s humor and wit!

My “mainblog” is “Artstage” (most of it in german)


  Barry Mitchell wrote @

This is a great blog, a great resource for people interested in Haydn.

  artstage wrote @

Thank you for your friendly comment! I’ve also visited your blog – and ofcourse I’ll return!

  haydn wrote @

Someone has uploaded to YouTube the complete London Symphonies, performed by Leslie Jones and the Little Orchestra of London. This is a 1968 recording on the nonesuch label, and is brilliantly performed! You cannot get this on CD and the LPs are out of print for many years.


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