200 Years, Anniversary Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)

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a beloved person – a great composer


picture: Haydn Monument, built 1887 in front of the Michaeler Church, in the middle of one of Vienna’s most famous shopping streets, the “Mariahilferstrasse”, from the sculptor Heinrich Natter – financed by Haydn-fans

To Mozart he was a fatherly friend, Beethoven was his most famous student. Joseph Haydn was a very beloved person, esteemed by his contemporaries, diligent, humorous, affable, and a straight shooter who was not spoiled by his steep climb from humble conditions into the highest social circles. In Vienna’s Haydn Park, a memorial plaque with the inscription “I will not die completely” can be found, a tribute to Haydn’s life and works.

the secret of timeless fame

who could give the right answer to this statement? maybe, time can show it! There were always people with a great gift and vision who created great works that survived their time – and inspired many people: creatives and listeners!
in case of Joseph Haydn you can listen to his work, interpreted by contemporary musicians and get an idea of that. also nowadays! (and here on this site: take time and listen to a few examples!)