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poll #1: who said this …?

The solution will follow soon!

…our “stolen” Haydn-anthem…

…is now used by the Germans as their “official anthem”:

Joseph Haydn composed the “Kaiserhymne” (Emperor’s Hymn) “Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser” (“God Save Emperor Francis”) as an anthem to Francis II, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire which he reigned from Vienna, Austria. Lorenz Leopold Haschka (1749-1827) wrote the lyrics –  Joseph Haydn composed the melody.

The melody is also the second movement of one of Haydn’s most famous string quartets, nicknamed the “Emperor Quartet” (german/original name: “Das Kaiserquartett”). The melody was later used in “Das Lied der Deutschen” (translation: “the song of the germans” – tztztz….), which is still Germany’s national anthem.

Sometimes I’d like to change our actually (and – at least – boring) austrian anthem against the Haydn anthem melody, that really belongs to us! It was written by a person who lived here (not in Germany!).

There’ not much possibilities, but among the less I found one “touching” version of Haydn’s anthem, the 2nd movement of the “string quartet op.76, popularly known as the “Emperor” Quartet (1797), on youtube: