200 Years, Anniversary Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)

haydnmania: the 2009 anniversary

Haydn, the diplomatic musician

The anecdote about the “Farewell Symphony”:
Haydn and the other musicians in the employ of the Esterhazy family spent much of the year staying at Schloss Esterhazy, separated from their wives and families in a remote corner of northwestern Hungary. During one particularly long residency, Haydn composed his “Farewell” Symphony (no. 45), in the last movement of which the instruments drop out of the score one at a time. At the first performance, each player, upon completing his part, blew out his candle and tiptoed away from the orchestra. Prince Esterhazy took the hint, and promptly granted his musicians a well-deserved leave of absence.

Youtube-video from the final concert of the 2008 David Oistrakh Festival in Pärnu, Estonia – Conductor: Neeme Järvi – the last sequences of the Farewell Symphony:

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